Our team comes to work every day to help businesses and people succeed and achieve sustainable growth through personal dedication, technical expertise and commitment to excellence.

How it started

It all started back in 2012. “DR” duo combined their efforts to develop new software products, web and mobile applications which have the power to shape the future and create opportunities for sustainable growth and success.

Since that time, Hazesoft has been steadily introducing a high level of standard for project and client management. The team has grown by 20 times.

How's it going

Currently, whole family at Hazesoft diligently strive to maintain a high quality of work and continue delivering bespoke solutions powered by Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and other rising technologies.

The very top talents in software engineering join Hazesoft to solve challenging R&D tasks and to implement digital transformation globally.

Hazesoft was founded by a group of developers who work together under one roof and one identity.

Each person has the right skills and knowledge with a huge network behind giving us an edge when we need to expand our team.

Our value is to deliver something exceptional. Be it a WordPress site, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, App Development, API Development,  Systems Design, Integration, or simple bug fix; we pour our energy and talent into every task or project as if it is our own project and always have the extensive care on what we do.

We work in an “open workspace” where many of our developers sit in their own environment, but we value the time when we sit together in our fantastic office.

We grow as our customers grow and we believe in flexibility, cutting-edge knowledge, and dedicated solutions. We offer this to our customers without any hidden costs involved.

We are proud to let our colleagues take ownership and handle personal responsibility without having to ask for our permission. Propose and present ways forward with different possibilities, both from a project perspective as well as helping to develop and shape the company’s culture and future.

Working in an “open workspace” environment with freedom for the individual also comes with a responsibility to meet the client’s expectations.

Our Values

We get things done

We strive for success through proficiency in performance, result-focused attitude and high standards of achievement.

Reputation and trust

Trusted partner for trusted companies worldwide. Proven reputation by our customers’ feedbacks.

Continuous learning

We achieve proficiency through continuous learning of better ways to do things and implementing improvements.


We seek to understand our customers, their businesses and goals as well as our team’s larger goals in life and career.

Commitment to excellence

We are the people with the right attitude to achieve high standards. We are striving to be excellent in a landscape of change.

Our Culture

We’re aimed at building long-lasting relationships based on mutual understanding and trust.

At Hazesoft, we embody a learning and caring culture, attracting the best talent, who stay with us and our customers for years. That’s how we live, learn, grow, and succeed together. We are motivated experts seeking out challenges. We look for partners, rather than just customers.

Our Approach

We continuously drive the sustainable growth of our customers, team, and ecosystem altogether – with care, commitment, and excellence.

Hazesoft is a technology consulting company, addressing excellent customer experience as our highest priority. We achieve it via clear and timely communication, transparency in managing customers’ expectations, a highly orchestrated development process, and a pro-active and consistent team.

We created the Hazesoft international community and we will keep building it

We are open to new internships, research, meeting new clients, and build partnerships wherever we go!

Hazesoft is not just a regular company, it is a lifestyle and we welcome you to be the part of it..

The very top talents in software engineering join Hazesoft to solve challenging R&D problems to implement digital transformation globally.

Thirst for knowledge

Prioritize learning in our daily lives

We prioritize learning in our daily lives, and we’re always eager to learn new things. We offer weekly presentation and learn about the new stuffs to cultivate this culture of inquiry by giving each team member the opportunity to learn new things and develop their abilities.

Raising the bar

Everyone is encouraged to participate in courses, conferences, and activities

We also put a lot of money into personal and professional development. Everyone at Hazesoft has a complete development plan that is tailored to their specific goals, and everyone is encouraged to participate in courses, conferences, and activities to further their education.

Above all, we’re a close-knit group. We share the highs and lows of agency life with one another and try to have as much fun as possible.