A message from CEO

First of all, I would like to express how proud I am of you all as a united team and as a family making Hazesoft such a great organisation and such an enjoyable place to work and achieve many successes.

Gratitude is important every day of the year, but at this time, it’s more important than ever. Last year showed me how fortunate I am to work with a team that refuses to give anything less than 110%. Even in the darkest days of the pandemic, #TeamHazesoft rallied beside each other for the sake of our clients. They guided our clients through some of their toughest business decisions to date – helping find impossible answers and providing clarity when little else made sense. Thank you to all our team members who selflessly put their schedules and individual priorities aside over and over again to be there for others. Your work made and continues to make real differences. Hazesoft remained strong and resilient during these periods.

What’s more, our team’s adaptability continued to bear fruits even beyond the very real and tangible help we gave our clients. Last year, Hazesoft welcomed 16 new professionals to our family and it was wonderful to get in touch with everyone who participated in our annual meet-up event at Muglin and missed those who were not able to join the event.

Based on the trip survey feedback, I found that the trip was a huge success and it is, indeed, fueling our confidence to the next level that drives us enough to build and ship the products that can be used by the customers around the globe and I believe that the same level of confidence and excitements are there on the other side too. This event provided us an opportunity to know each other and share the achievements of the projects or the products that we have planned for 2022 with the team surroundings.

I can proudly say that the goal of a Muglin Trip was achieved and I deeply thank #TeamHazesoft on behalf of the entire executive team.

Since we are heading towards this year and we have set goals for this whole year and we are very excited to move forward and reach that goal. We worked closely with our parent company, Haze Group, to bring our vision to reality with a true dedication that we put on in the various products that we have planned and or, in progress. Thinking we have a clear roadmap of what we should achieve in the days to come.

We also make corporate responsibility a top priority. Our reputation for corporate integrity attracts great team members, great customers, and even greater opportunities. It is a key to our long-term success.

Most importantly, I want to thank each and every one of our clients. You are the reason we show up every day. You are the reason we do what we do. You inspire us, encourage us and give us purpose. Thank you for your faith in us as we walk these uncertain paths as partners together.

Let’s charge forward this year with the hope of better days to come. Let’s also not lose sight of the many, many blessings we’ve been given. Keep the faith and hold tight to that bold and unshakable resilience. That’s how we’ll create a better future.

On behalf of all of us at Hazesoft, I wish you a happy, healthy, and successful 2022 ahead.

#StaySafe #StayFocused #TeamHazesoft


Dinesh Ghimire
Co-Founder / CEO

We created the Hazesoft international community and we will keep building it

We are open to new internships, meeting new clients and build partners wherever we go!

Hazesoft if not just a company it is a lifestyle and we are happy to welcome you into our way of work.

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